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IPL Photofacial Treatment for Skin Discoloration

Studies have found that skin discoloration including sun spots, age spots and melasma actually make women look older than do wrinkles. Skin clarity is highly-sought after by the aesthetically inclined since smooth, even toned skin represents youth and health. Unfortunately, due to sun overexposure, aging, pregnancy and genetics, women and men alike suffer from skin discoloration. The most frustrating thing about skin discoloration is its resistance to traditional over the counter treatments. Skin creams, serums, masks and patches that claim to treat skin discoloration provide little relief for individuals with the worst cases. Since skin discoloration begins below the epidermis, surface treatments to little to treat the issue.
For people with age spots, sun spots and melasma, the most effective skin discoloration treatment is photofacial treatments and cosmetic lasers. Thanks to the laser and IPL photofacial ‘s ability to treat discoloration below the epidermis, they can target the problem where it begins. IPL Photofacial treatments help provide smoother, more even toned skin free from hyper pigmentation and discoloration. IPL photofacial treatment involves an intense pulsed light; a laser that is calibrated to target hyper pigmented areas of the skin. Sun spots, melasma and age spots absorb the IPL photofacial’s light pulses and temporarily turn the problem areas slightly darker. After a few days, the dark spots flake off the skin to reveal an even toned complexion. Since the IPL photofacial treatment only targets the discoloration, the rest of the skin is left untouched for minimal downtime. Though some patients are completely satisfied after one IPL photofacial treatment, most require multiple sessions for best results.

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