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Laser Institute Thousand Oaks

Are you uncomfortable with the appearance of your skin? Do you have blemishes, wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, or varicose veins? Are you sick of the endless cycle of shaving, plucking and/or waxing unwanted hair? The Renaissance Laser Institute in Thousand Oaks offers a variety of safe and effective laser treatments that can get your skin to look younger and rejuvenated. By stimulating the growth of new collagen, elastin fibers and skin cells, laser treatments are able to relieve the appearance of loose, sagging skin, as well as blemishes and inconsistencies in skin tone. Many individuals also seek laser treatments at the Renaissance Laser Institute in Thousand Oaks because these treatments are so effective in stunting unwanted hair growth.

All laser treatments at the Renaissance laser institute in Thousand Oaks are administered by a highly experienced team of board certified surgeons who also have accreditation by the American Board of Laser Surgery. Unlike traditional surgery, laser treatments at the Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute don’t require incisions, stitches, or hospital stay. In fact, most treatment sessions can be performed in less than an hour, and all normal activities can be resumed immediately post treatment. For more information about effective laser skin treatments, please call and schedule an appointment today.

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