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Laser Resurfacing Simi Valley

The latest laser resurfacing technology can be found in Southern California’s Simi Valley at the Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute. The cutting edge Institute offers patients the guidance, treatment and care of highly trained cosmetic and vascular surgeons Dr. Gholam Mohammad-Zadeh, Dr. Mohammad Gharavi and Dr. Kouros Azar. These three leading Southern California surgeons have created a Simi Valley based laser resurfacing and vein treatment clinic that provides the utmost in quality patient care and laser skin treatments. Residents from across Los Angeles, as well as from within Simi Valley, choose the Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute for their laser resurfacing needs. One of the most popular laser resurfacing treatments offered in their Simi Valley office is the Pearl Treatment.

The Pearl Treatment is a more aggressive laser resurfacing treatment that addresses wrinkles and skin texture with impressive results. The Pearl Treatment is a mixture of the nonabrasive lasers like the Laser Genesis treatment, that work below the skin, with a more traditional laser resurfacing treatment, which eliminates the damage to the top layer of skin. Because of this, a portion of the skin is removed through the Pearl Treatment laser resurfacing while the rest of the epidermis is left intact to help surrounding tissues heal quickly and easily. The Simi Valley Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute is proud to be one of the Southern California laser clinics to provide this advanced Pearl Treatment. The Institute offers the Pearl treatment as a way for patients to achieve maximum cosmetic laser resurfacing results with minimal downtime, which is why the procedure has quickly become a favorite among its Simi Valley devotees.

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