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Laser Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins, though not a serious medical condition, are a condition that tens of thousands of Americans seek help for each year. Spider veins are a burst of superficial veins that appear very red or blue, causing a displeasing physical appearance. The veins occur most commonly on the face and on the legs, where they are often a second-hand result from larger varicose veins. If a person has large varicose veins or reticular veins feeding blood into the spider veins, the larger faulty veins must be removed first in order to achieve permanent removal of the attached spider veins. The old method for treating spider veins was a shot of special solution into the spider vein that caused it to collapse and disappear permanently. However, new laser spider vein treatments have made it possible to eliminate spider veins easily, quickly, and painlessly.
The Renaissance Laser and Vein Clinic in Thousand Oaks, California, is proud to offer their patients the latest in laser vein removal treatments. The clinic has lasers that individually treat both spider veins and varicose veins to address any concerns a patient has about unsightly veins. Laser treatment for spider veins is a simple, quick process that takes twenty minutes or less. A topical numbing gel is applied to the area where the spider veins are to be removed, and then a special laser is targeted over the area. The laser’s energy seeks out the unwanted superficial veins and obliterates them, closing them off permanently in most cases. The results are immediate and permanent, which is why patient satisfaction for laser spider vein removal is so high.

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