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Permanent Hair Removal Encino

Permanent Hair Removal Encino

For prospective patients of laser treatments, the Renaissance Laser and Vein Clinic has an office location for semi-permanent or permanent hair removal in Encino, as well as Thousand Oaks. The conveniences of laser hair removal lie in the short duration of each treatment session and the minor discomfort involved, which is often compared to a light rubber band snapping on the skin. Small areas to be treated such as the eyebrows or upper lip can undergo a full laser hair removal session in less than half an hour, while larger areas such as the back or legs can take an hour. In order to increase chances for permanent hair removal in Encino with the Renaissance Clinic, patients should have naturally dark and thick hair, and shouldn’t pluck or wax for at least two weeks prior to treatment. Dark hair in an active growing phase is necessary for laser hair removal to be effective.
Since not all hairs are in an active growing phase at any given time, multiple laser treatments are typically required for long lasting and permanent hair removal in Encino. A person may require five to six treatments to achieve a permanent end to unwanted hair growth, but can enjoy not having to fuss over routine waxing, plucking and shaving ever again. Please schedule a consultation with one of our specialists for a personalized assessment as to whether you’re a good candidate for permanent hair removal in Encino.

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