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Spider Vein Treatment Thousand Oaks

Spider veins are discolored, bluish blood vessels that are visible right under the skin’s surface.  Caused by hereditary factors, prolonged periods of sitting or standing, and/or hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, spider veins are unsightly and often cause those who have them to be self-conscious or embarrassed by them. Most often they are found either in the lower extremities or the face.  Spider vein treatment in Thousand Oaks with the Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute offers a long-term solution to unsightly spider veins through the use of state-of-the-art laser technology.

For those individuals that suffer from both varicose veins and spider veins, laser treatment is first performed to remove the varicose veins, after which the spider vein treatment in Thousand Oaks can be performed.  This is because varicose veins often lead to spider veins in adjacent areas.

The spider vein treatment in Thousand Oaks is almost pain free and takes less than an hour to administer.  The laser targets the pigmentation in the vein, causing it to dissipate and become less visible on the skin.  After spider vein treatment in Thousand Oaks unsightly spider veins begin to fade away almost instantly. Severe spider veins may take multiple treatment sessions to be completely obliterated. To learn more, please schedule a consultation.

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