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Staycation Laser Rejuvenation

If the recession has put a damper on elaborate summer travel plans, stay at home and enjoy a pampering “staycation”. Planning a staycation is a simple and fun way to relax at home and rejuvenate. During a staycation, plan to pencil in a little laser rejuvenation. For much less than the cost of a trip to Europe, cutting-edge laser treatments can turn back the clock with minimal social downtime. Emerge from your staycation rested, jet-lag free and ready to put your best face forward.

Powerful lasers such as the Laser Genesis Treatment,  Titan Laser Treatment and Photofacial Laser Treatment can be administered separately or combined for phenomenal results. By spending a week at home relaxing and recovering, patients will be glowing, rested and look years younger – no flights, layovers or airplane food required. Besides the restorative powers of a staycation, in this day and age, looking youthful and vibrant plays an important role in the workplace. Studies have shown that people who take care of their looks are perceived as more intelligent, talented and more likeable. Most importantly, they are also more likely to receive a raise or get hired for the job than their counterparts who are less taken care of. In certain industries in particular, such as acting or on-air reporting, looking fresh and energetic is a key element for career success. This is precisely why the Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute in Los Angeles offers the most effective, cutting edge laser treatments to patients across Southern California. Their highly trained medical staff includes certified cosmetic surgeons Dr. Azar, Dr. Mohammad-Zadeh and Dr. Gharavi, who carefully assess each patient’s individual needs and cosmetic goals to customize a laser rejuvenation plan. Whether you are in need of a restful, rejuvenating staycation or want to stay competitive in today’s job market, the Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute is one of the best clinics to visit in Southern California.

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