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The Titan Procedure

The Titan procedure, now recognized as the best non-surgical alternative for skin tightening, has exciting implications in the treatment of another common skin care woe – stretch marks. Stemming from growth spurts, weight loss or gain and pregnancy, stretch marks have been particularly resistant to topical treatments. The cause of stretch marks is the tearing of delicate layers of collagen that initially appear redder than the surrounding skin and then fade to a whitish hue. The trouble with stretch marks lies in the nature of the destruction they leave behind. Stretch marks create both permanent skin discoloration as well as a thinner, stretched texture that does not match the surrounding skin. Stretch mark sufferers have been out of luck so far in eliminating the unsightly marks – until the Titan procedure, that is.

The Titan procedure has the unique ability to target the layers of collagen beneath the skin’s surface without disrupting the top layer of the epidermis. The Titan procedure itself consists of a laser created to stimulate the deep layers of collagen. This stimulation encourages new collagen to grow and renew itself, a process that takes up to six months for the effects to be fully realized. The result is firmer, tighter and younger looking skin where there used to be deeply hollowed stretch marks, all thanks to the power of the Titan procedure. The Titan treatment not only stretch marks; it is successfully used to firm and tighten sagging skin all over the face and body. Whether your skin care complaint is a loose neck and jowls or excess stomach skin after pregnancy, the Titan procedure is a great skin rejuvenation option to look into.

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