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Varicose Vein California

Varicose veins are a health issue that affects nearly twenty percent of all California residents. Yet, despite the prevalence of varicose veins, many Californians do not realize the inherent health risks associated with having unsightly varicose veins. Unfortunately many people view varicose veins as simply a cosmetic issue that should be accepted. This line of think, however, is quite dangerous considering that varicose veins pose severe health risks including blood clots, ulcers and bleeding. Also, many California residents suffering from varicose veins are unaware that the longer they do not receive treatment, the worse the condition becomes and the more difficult it is to treat. Though varicose veins are difficult to hide and deal with anywhere, the aesthetics of the bulging, twisted leg veins are even harder to live with in a state such as California. The sunny weather and gorgeous beaches lure residents out in revealing attire such as shorts, skirts, dresses and bathing suits, while varicose veins hold them back from living and enjoying the Southern California lifestyle to its fullest.

Because varicose veins pose a significant health risk to their sufferers, most California health insurance policies cover the cost of receiving varicose vein removal. The unfortunate circumstance is that most California residents do not realize their health insurance is willing to cover varicose vein removal, and silently suffer with the disorder instead of seeking treatment. At the Southern California Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute, treating varicose veins is as simple as a one-hour laser procedure. Patients can return to normal activity immediately following the laser vein removal procedure, and resume living a happy, healthy California lifestyle – complete with skirts, shorts and dresses paired with beautiful legs.

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