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Laser Hair Removal Calabasas

Laser hair removal in Calabasas is done using FDA approved laser treatments that are both safe and effective. The basic principle of laser hair removal is that light beams are passed through the surface of the skin until they reach the hair follicle. The dark melanin in the follicle absorbs heat from the laser causing it to become inactive.  Laser hair removal in Calabasas does not affect the surrounding tissue or damage it in any way.  Since the hair follicles have the melanin pigment the laser beam is ineffective towards ordinary skin cells.

While laser hair removal in Calabasas is extremely effective, it typically takes 3-5 treatment sessions to achieve the best results. This is because the laser is only effective on hairs in the active growing phase, and not all follicles are in this phase at a given time. To learn if laser hair removal in Calabasas at the Renaissance Institute is right for you, please call and schedule a consultation today.

Beautiful skin is quite eye-catching. So is unsightly hair, but not in the way you’d like. Increasingly, both men and women are asking about the benefits of laser hair removal in Calabasas. Many people are interested in having flawless skin that is hair-free, blemish and scar free, and razor-bump free. But if all you are doing is waxing or shaving or even plucking, you are likely to enjoy only inconsistent and sporadic results.

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Earlier, electrolysis was an option that would not leave ugly marks as the other processes would, but it is a tedious and lengthy process and is not pain-free. Thanks to the latest technological advancements in cosmetology, laser beams can successfully used to remove unwanted hair. What’s more, it is practically pain-free. The Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute has some of the most skilled professionals who are trained and are knowledgeable in the laser hair removal process. As positive word-of-mouth steadily grows, more people are choosing this renowned clinic for laser hair removal in Calabasas

The first step to laser hair removal in Calabasas is an initial consultation at the Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute, where experts will prepare the patient for the process and determine the right number of sittings. Here the patient will have the opportunity to ask questions and have their various concerns about the process addressed by reliable professionals.

Every hair follicle on the skin has a different growth cycle, which is why in some cases multiple treatments are needed to get complete results. The process of laser hair removal in Calabasas targets the follicles in their first stage of growth, since only those follicles will respond well to the laser beam.

Laser Hair Removal Calabasas

Here at the Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute, we combine state-of-the-art technology with a team of highly skilled medical experts to provide the highest quality laser hair removal in Calabasas. The days of being plagued by unwanted body hair are over. We offer easy, affordable, and highly effective solutions – and it’s all totally safe and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Studies show that laser hair removal is a more consistent, reliable technique for hair removal than electrolysis, which has been the most widely used method up to now. But electrolysis can be very painful, so why go through that discomfort when advancements in technology now offer a better option? Now that laser hair removal in Calabasas is available to everyone who wants it, the future suddenly looks a whole lot brighter (and smoother!).

Here is how laser hair removal in Calabasas works: we calibrate the lasers just right, to target the melanin in the hair follicle and super-heat it until the follicle is dead. Because our specialists carefully attune the wavelength of the pulse, and project the laser for a very set duration of time, there is no danger to the surrounding tissue. With surgical precision, the laser finds its target and does its work. The whole process really is that straight-forward. If you have additional questions or concerns, our experts are always happy to provide more details of what to expect. An informed patient is a satisfied patient!

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