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Los Angeles Laser Dermatology

One of the most important breakthroughs in dermatology over the past ten years has been the increasing use of lasers to treat skin conditions. Whereas traditional dermatology was not able to penetrate very far below the skin’s surface, advanced lasers allow dermatologists to make significant changes in the skins appearance by accessing a deeper layer of tissue. Though different lasers target specific skin care concerns, in general they act below the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen and cell renewal. By stimulating collagen and the skin’s natural healing response, patients can enjoy a more dramatic improvement in their skin that only gets better over time. Since cells take up to six months to fully regenerate after a laser treatment, patients will notice changes gradually. However, unlike Botox or dermatologic fillers, laser dermatology has long-lasting results since the change is at the cellular level.

For patients residing in Los Angeles, it might seem that the options for finding a qualified laser dermatologist are endless. Clinics and doctors advertising the procedure are abundant in Los Angeles since the city is home to the entertainment industry and people are always striving to retain a youthful appearance. However, Los Angeles residents should also be careful about finding a truly qualified laser dermatologist. Just because someone advertises their procedure does not mean that they are a highly trained doctor who is qualified to perform laser dermatology. Visiting an unqualified physician for laser dermatology can have devastating effects that range from no result to third degree burns on the face. For the best results and safe, effective treatment, seek out specialized Los Angeles clinics who have made lasers part of their practice’s specialty.

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