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Laser Genesis is a mild non-invasive skin treatment that uses advanced laser technology to heat targeted areas of the skin. Heating targeted areas on the dermis under the skin helps to boost collagen production and the growth of new skin cells, plumping the skin and improving overall texture and skin tone. The heat released from the laser also constricts blood vessels to reduce conditions like rosacea.

Your laser treatment is a short procedure taking only 30 minutes to complete. You will be provided with protective eyewear. During the procedure you will feel no pain, however, you will feel warmth from the heat of the treatment. There is no downtime with this procedure. You can resume your daily activities as usual. Temporary redness fades quickly. New collagen and skin cells rise to the surface of your skin.

It can take several laser Genesis treatments to achieve your desired results, depending on your skin condition and goals. Typical areas for treatment include the face, neck, chest, and hands. Results are typically noticed three weeks after your treatment. There is an improvement in redness, pore size and texture over time.

You will have overall softer, smoother skin in the treatment area. There is no discomfort with minimal to no downtime. Laser Genesis is safe, quick, and effective. It is great for treating active acne breakouts, You can resume your daily activities as usual. Sunscreen is recommended after your treatment and avoiding sun exposure is necessary.